A year of “didn’ts”

2013 was a good, a bad, and a terrible year all at once. Some of the most important beings in my life are well and healthy so it was a good year. But progress wise it was kinda bad and at the end November was just a big blow. Fortunately December was pretty mild and okay, it had its share of holiday cheer and enthusiasm but a lot didn’t get done. Over all though 2013 was a year of didn’ts.

I didn’t reach my goal weight. I didn’t watch 1oo movies. I didn’t raise my GPA. I didn’t volunteer more. I didn’t visit the Getty and the Museum of Tolerance. I didn’t enter a photography competition. I didn’t go rock climbing, didn’t apply to grad school, didn’t film a short, didn’t sustain my blog, didn’t buy cowboy boots, or fly a kite, write a short story, ride a horse again, or give a random guy my phone number. So as you may see a lot of things just didn’t get done.

I did watch 85 movies though, spent time with the two most amazing beings in my life (my niece and nephew), and read 12 books. I also visited the LACMA, turned 21, shared plenty of laughs with those I love, tried thai food for the first time and completed an amazing internship. I did fall and stood back up. Survived through a terrible month. Went to stagecoach. Became more passionate about filmmaking and cooked many a meal for my family. I did live.

So yes, I could focus on all the didn’ts and cracks and tears and pain and 2013 would seem like a hell of a year, but as I see all my dids, unplanned dids but done dids none the less, I see 2013 was a hell of a year, but not always in a bad way.

To 2014, to all the planed and unplanned dids. Happy New Year!