On Hitting Pause

I gotta be honest for the past two weeks I hit pause like many times before. I failed to move forward at lightning speed and face life head on. Instead I moved a little sideways and buried my head in the ground like an ostrich*. But unlike other times this time I feel no guilt about it. These were some lazy, unprogressive two weeks but I got some plain old quiet time, got through a cold, watched more cartoons with my niece and nephew than I care to recount, and finally reorganized the kitchen (somewhat). If I must say so I actually enjoyed these two weeks,  and realized sometimes it is necessary to hit pause and bask in idleness.

     For that reason I am grateful, grateful I had the opportunity to rest, to get through a cold and watch more cartoons than I care to recount. 



*Actually I just found out ostriches don’t bury their heads in the ground, who knew? For more ostrich fun facts and info go here.